Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17, 2013

This one guy gave the devotional on Sunday, and he was like who was baptized in the last 2 years? And they stood up and he picked on guy to come up to the front, and he goes, whats your conversion story? And the kid goes its weird. And the guy is like "they all are."  "Okayy, so when I was in high school, I liked this girl, so I started talking to her, and then I went to church with her a couple times"  Classic right?  "And then her family adopted me" WEIIIIIIIIIRD! And the guy goes, "So are you going to marry her when you get back?" WEIRD. "Nope, we're already sealed." WEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRD. Anyway, that's the best story I've got this week.

Our flight plan is from SLC to JFK to Amsterdam to Bucharest.  24 hours total of travelling.  Should be super fun.  Yes it seemed really fast for me too.  On the first day, our branch president said that the mission has 3 parts: the first 4 days, the next 6 weeks, and then the other 2 years, and they all seem like the same length to you.  If he's right, I'm almost 2/3rds of the way done!  We learned some funny things in Romanian, like when you do a past tense accusative statement, like "I desired a shirt," you put the indicator after the verb if the object is feminine, which is weird because normally you would put it before the verb.  Anyway, the reason this is funny is because when you say "I desired a shirt" it translates to: "Am dorit-o o camașă." We thought it was funny because its dorito, like the chip. Anyway, its probably not funny but we thought it was.  My teacher always tells us that were her weirdest group of missionaries, but that all missionaries think that dumb things are funny because they have no relation to the outside world, where things actually are funny. Another thing that we thoguht was funny was when we were practicing saying sentences, my companion could NOT handle how to use the word pe, which is used with the accusative case for the stressors, or on top of.  So we were practicing discerning between acusative and dative, and my campanion kept using the accusative stressors, so he said God and Jesus Christ appeared on top of Joseph Smith, and one of our teachers, who actually is Romanian, thoght it was just THE funniest thing ever and we had to stop class for a couple minutes so he could pull himself together. 

Apparently Romania has very storng nationalism, so one of the biggest holidays is Romania Day, where they have huge parades and they drive tanks though the streets and the Romanian teacher said that people just get to climb on them and stuff.  Anyway, cant wait to talk to you on monday!

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