Sunday, November 3, 2013

November 3, 2013

Well, this week was cool. We had a Halloween party for our branch and two of our English students and one of our investigators showed up! It was great. The English students that came are a married couple and they have a son who lived in America for a bit with an LDS family and he was able to speak some Romanian with a returned missionary who went to Romania. Also, the husband went to England in 1975 and he visited the temple there! He said it was a very powerful place. They are a great family and they even gave us a little ceramic pumpkin and invited us over! They aren't too interested in the Church right now, but that's okay. It was awesome to have them come to that activity. Also, this week was Craiova Week or something like that and there was stuff going on everywhere. Pretty cool. There were a lot of stands with hand made stuff like vases and plates and other cool stuff. We have English classes coming up this week, and we've been getting a lot of phone calls and talking to a lot of people so I hope they'll be really good this transfer.

We saw this guy in the park who made a little chair for his dog on his bike, and his dog loved it up there!  It was crazy!  Sorry, the picture kinda sucks, but it's the best i could get since he was far away and it was dark.  Also, there was a mime in Centru who wouldn't do anything unless you paid him, which was pretty funny.  Anyway, have a good week and I hope you don't get sick again!

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