Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 9, 2013

December 9:

Okay, well, this week has been interesting.  I'll be getting a new companion, well, actually 2.  My companion is going home, because his MTC group made a deal with President Hill when the MTC times changed, so they're all going home in the middle of this transfer.  So I get to be put in a tricompanionship, which should be fun.  Then I don't know what's happening next transfer, I might have to go back to Romania.  I'm crossing my fingers that that won't happen.  Not too much too exciting up here, except for we have our Christmas party/ zone conference today, so that should be fun.  Oh wait, just kidding, something exciting did happen.  We met a really cool guy this week, who contacted the office in Bucharest with his contact information and a note that said that he could be a great leader.  So we call this guy and he tells us to meet him at "global business center"  so we show up there and it's this crazy super nice building.  The nicest building I've been in while out here.  You even had to have a card key to get in.  So we are waiting in the lobby and it's super nice, and Elder Lasater and I are discussing what on earth this guy's job could be, and we came to the conclusion that the only reasonable explanation for the super nice building and whatnot is that he works for the russian mafia.  Somehow he found out about the church and he wanted us to work for him or he'd pull some illegal deals and get members o come to church if we worked for him or something.  So finally this guy comes down and he greets us and takes us up to his office.  And he's HUGE.  He's like 6'2" probably and had a handshake like a vice.  He could probably kill me in one hit.  Another guy meets us up there and we go in, and it's just a huge room with absolutely nothing in it.  So immediately, I assumed he was going to kill us.  That was why he brought the other guy with him and why he wanted to meet with us and why his office had nothing in it.  But then he pulled us into his real office that actually had a desk and stuff, so we sat down and he showed us youtube videos of himself doing presentations and he told us about what he did.  He's a leadership seminar presenter.  So basicaly companies hire him to give seminars on how to be successful.  He's given tons and he's really successful; he even wrote a book.  He told us that he doesn't believe that being rich means just monetary wealth, it includes emotional, physical, spiritual, and relationship-al wealth.  So in order to be truly successful, you have to be successful in those kind of areas as well.  It was really cool and we ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and teaching him about the Restoration.  We tried to set up a meeting with President Hill, but he never called us back about it, so I guess that fell through.  Oh well, it was still a really cool meeting and I hope he keeps interest in the church.

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