Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Well, we just finished up the performance at the embassy, and it went pretty well.  First of all, they had a Steinway baby grand.  Oh man it was so nice, especially compared to the electric pianos at the church.  They're fine and all, but the action and responsiveness of a real piano just can't be beat, even if it's a little out of tune like that one was.  So the concert itself was good.  I definitely learned more pieces in such a short period of time than I ever have.  Elder Christensen and I's I Saw Three Ships went much better than expected, so that was a plus.  One thing that was really cool was that I was asked to do so many pieces for many different events that I lost track of them all and in the confusion didn't even get to look at one of them until I was reminded of it at the dress rehearsal last night.  Well, luckily, one of my previous companions who also plays piano had been working on that exact piece for about a month now, so he was able to play for that one.  Inspiration.  It was a great time though going to the Embassy and being able to play that great piano.

Have a great week!

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