Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013

This week was great, but really really hot. I got permission from President Hill to practice piano for 1 hour on days when it's bad proselyting time. In the afternoons it gets really hot, so there's no one outside. Also, since Sunday is the only day that most people have off of work, there is nobody outside at all. It's like a ghost town. We found out that watermelon is super delicious and super cheap here! It's .49 lei per kg, so like 15-20 cents. Also, the suc (soda) here is really good and really cheap as well. You can get 2 liters for 30 cents, and they have crazy flavors, like grapefruit and pear and elder-lemon. (That one is Elder Lex and I's favorite). I found out as well, that leu is the singular for lei, which is their money system. What's cool about that is that leu means "lion." So we pay for things in lions here. Another thing that is amazing here is the Nutella. Although I haven't had any real Nutella yet, they have good knock-off brands that are way cheaper. They have one that's called chocremo, which is a swirl of nutella and white chocolate. We eat that on our delicious italian-like bread that is 1 leu as well. Not to worry though, I've actually lost weight here from all the walking and sweating. Also, I've been teaching Elder Lex some gymnastics stuff, so we'll be in good shape, and maybe my suits will fit again. Also, I found out that Elder Lex is famous! If you ever happen to get your hands on the "Tithing and Fast Offerings" Church pamphlet in German, and you turn to the first page, you will see Elder lex and his family! Apparently, they knew the photographer that did the pictures for those pamphlets, so they got to be in one of them.

And in case you haven't seen this epic picture of Scott, I hope it makes your day: 

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