Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22, 2013

I talked to a schizophrenic the other day.  We went up to him and were like hey we're missionaries and we're here to help people come closer to christ. do you believe in Christ?  And he turns to "the guy next to him" (who wasn't there)  and he goes, "These guys look really nice with their white shirts and beautiful ties, but you know, strange things happen at places..... strange things happen at places........ strange things happen at places......."  So we just booked it outta there.  In hindsight, that may not have been the best way to have dealt with that, but there wasn't really much else we could do anyway.  another time, we were contacting in the park, and found one of eternal investigators there, named Olimpian.  He's a great guy and really loves the Church and is always finding things for the missionaries to do.  On this particular occasion, he had something he wanted to show us.  So we followed him as he hurried away, toward the edge of the park.  We walked past the zoo (yep, there's a zoo in the park, complete with lions, tigers, bears, a golden eagle, and a gladiator pit) and out to the cemetary.  We zigzagged through the maze of headstones and tall monuments (it kind of resembled the one we saw in Paris) until we reached one particular grave site that he wanted to show us.  He points to the headstone, which said Olimpian Bobos 1948 - ____, and says, "Intelegeti?"  He patted the ground.  "Olimpian va sta aici."  Meaning: Do you understand?  Olimpian will rest here.  He already had his own grave!  Although it was kind of weird for us, and we didn't know what to say back, we can commend him for his foresight.  

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