Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

February 17: 
Alright, so this week was pretty good.  This past week we went bowling for P day, and that was pretty fun.  So after bowling, we were supposed to go to a part member family's house for FHE.  However, we were late. And since we were wearing our pday clothes, we had to change. So we called a taxi and he came over and we ran over to our apartment (well, in a taxi) and then we started running up the stairs to our floor (4th) and I was behind sookhoo, but I had the keys.  He was on a staircase right above me, and I had a perfect shot, so I threw the keys and told him to catch!  and he tried.  The keys bounced off his fingers and started to fall, and so he reaches out with the other hand, but by then it was too late.  They keys plummeted through the hole in the middle of the stairwell down to the bottom floor.   So I had to run down and get them, so anyway, we get in, change, grab our cake, and get out.  Then we ran as fast as we could to the raducanu's and we made it there in 15 minutes from the time that we actually left.  World Record holders, right here.
So later in the week, we went bloc knocking and met this interesting girl with a crazy accent.  We could not understand her at all.  She kept asking us if we knew Romanian because we had no idea what she was saying.  But yeah we had a good conversation with her despite the language barrier.  I don't know on whose side was more of the barrier, but it was definitely there.
Also, I'm going to start doing a new thing on here and you'll see in a minute.

Culture Tip:
The word for beautiful in Romanian is frumos (frumoasă)
So basically everything in Romanian is "beautiful."  They say "te rog frumos" (pretty please) and "nu mai faci aşa, nu e frumos." (Don't keep doing that, it's not beautiful)  or "sta frumos" (stays/sits beautifully).  So EVERYTHING is beautiful all the time.

Two Truths and a Lie:
Now here's part of the show where you guess which 2 of the following 3 things actually happened to me this week:

  • An investigator interrupted another investigator's closing prayer for our genealogy activity by yelling at her and telling her not to tell God details that she's grateful for because "He already knows!"
  • I got chased down by a pack of wild dogs.
  • I ate straight pig fat.

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