Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18, 2014

Well, let's start out with our most interesting contact from this week, which happened when we went out to get our daily tip top.  This will take some explaining.  So when I first arrived in my current apartment it was a disaster.  As in, I walked in and there was a more trash than floor.  So after casting out all of the trash devils in a literal sense, battling the encrusted month-old-food monsters, eradicating the colony of dust bunnies, making sketchy mafia-style deals with the actual mafia of spiders to relocate their headquarters, I was left with a large trove of treasures that was buried beneath the rubble.  Treasures, meaning: coins.  Lots of coins.  $20 worth of coins.  And that's a lot for Romanian money.  I didn't know what to do with it all, so I just left it in a jar for a while.  Later, upon discovering a place called tip top located directly beneath my apartment that sells strudels for 1 leu apiece, I knew what I had to do.  I formed all my change into little piles of 1 leu each and every day on our way outside, I get myself a tip top.  I started this 2 months ago and I still haven't finished off my hoard yet.  So now that we're caught up to this week, my companion and I were busy deciding which tip top to eat, and this lady comes up behind us and goes, hey I know you guys.  We get this not that often, but often enough that we have a pretty much set response for when that happens.  So we start talking to the lady and telling her that we've never actually met her before but some of our colleagues might have.  She insists that it was definitely us, so we just accept that and move on.  She told us that we set up with her to do family history work but we never ended up doing it.  We seized the opportunity and set up with her again to do family history work for this thursday.  Missionaried.

Just Romanian Things
We had a fantastic moment this week.  While walking out of our apartment to go to the metro, we go past the most interesting area probably to ever exist.  It's a huge jumble of just normal people living in the area, people selling (probably stolen) cigarettes, which they let you know they do by approaching you and telling you as quickly and as quietly and as repetitiously as possible (tigari tigari tigari tigari tigari tigarrrrrrri), people selling really old books, people selling really new books, store owners, shoppers at the piata downstairs, zipper fixer dudes, you name it.  We've pretty much seen it all.  We thought.  When we walked out of our apartment one day, and as we approached the street corner, there was a guy standing there who doesn't normally stand there.  We know everyone in the area, so this was unusual.  As we got closer, he seemed to recognize us and then started to wave at us.  Well, it actually wasn't a wave, which we soon found out.  His wave seemed to displace itself from his hand to his arm to his shoulder, through the torso to the hips, to its final resting place at the legs.  This continued as we passed, morphing into various other dance moves, which were most definitely directed at us.  All of this took place without a single word or sound.  Imagine the most amazingly awkward dance you can and double it, then put it in a strange guy wearing a coat in summer and have it danced at you.  That was what it was.  The thing is though, my companion and I both walked past without a second thought.  Only after we passed Silent Dancer did we realize the strangeness of the activity.  I discovered that I've become calloused to the wonderful exoticism that is Romania.  Now my goal is to realize and cherish the beautifully uncoreographed performance that is Romania.

Sorry I forgot my camera this week, so no pictures sorry.  Hope you guys have a great week!  At first I wrote great idea on accident, so I decided that would be good to add too.  Hope you guys have great ideas too!

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