Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Our week was pretty good.  We started it off by doing a visit with a member of the district presidency to this guy who used to be branch president here but now he's less active.  He lives kind of outside the city and his wife isn't a member.  We went over there and had a really great lesson with them.  We were supposed to go again today, but their schedules changed so we're going to have to try again later this week.  We'll see what happens with that from here.

In other news, we started a new streetboarding campaign because we have this event coming up where one of our mission president's friends, who is a manager of temple construction or something like that is coming down to give a fireside.  Right now he's in charge of the construction of the Rome, Italy temple.  We were supposed to contact for it, and it really didn't do any good to just stop people on the street for it, so we got some corkboard and 2x2's and built an easel and now we go out and just have a board with pictures of the temple on it and the event poster and people come talk to us!  Much very good.  However, we had a slight issue with the wind the other day and now we are needing to repair the frame of the board, but we'll be back up and running in no time.  This streetboarding thing is actually working pretty well because people see it, are interested, and come talk to us.  Much less frightening than a couple dudes approaching you for no reason to talk to you about something you've never heard before.  We even had a cop come up and ask us about it.  Usually, they just kick us out, but this guy was nice.  Hopefully we don't get fined later or something.

Anyway, we're celebrating thanksgiving with all the missionaries in Bucuresti and the outlying cities and then staying for the fireside with that guy that I just talked about.  Should be a good time.

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