Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Let's see... this week.  I feel like I have a grandpa memory every time I try to think of the past week.  So on Tuesday, we had a lesson with our recent convert, Alex at a senior couple's house.  They made us some delicious food and we had a great lesson.  We got to talking about Romanian food, and I told them about my adventures with learning to cook Romanian foods and how I learned how to make ciorba last week.  I told them how I made it, and my recent convert was just absolutely appalled at how I did it, saying that it was the way that the oldest of grandmas in the countryside make it.  He took it upon himself to show us the "real" way to make ciorba, which he did on Sunday.  After church, we set up in the kitchen and made some ciorba and chicken and potatoes.  It was super good.  Look at the pictures.  We were also able to meet with some a less-active part member family that came to church that week!  We were really stoked about that.  Oh yeah also my last companion and I are staying together again for another transfer! Wooot we're excited we're gonna get stuff done.  We also have a fireside coming up on Thanksgiving and some cool Christmas recitals and stuff heading into the holiday season, so we're going to have a busy month!  Have a great week!

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