Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Well, the exciting news of this week is transfers.  Actually, I'll keep you suspended a bit and tell you a different story first.  You may proceed to the edge of your seat.  So on Friday, we held an activity at the church where we invited our english students because we haven't been having english classes this transfer due to the back to back holidays in December.  So at this activity, an english student brought over her xbox and kinect and we did some games on there.  We played this dancing game where you dance along with the songs they play and you get points for doing the moves correctly. Classic.  Anyway, we got to dance to "in the summertime" and "prince ali" (from alladin) and other classics.  There was an elder in the district who loves the song careless whisper by george michael and he just HAD to dance to it, but he couldn't do it alone so he got me and another elder and a super cool english student to do it with him.  Little did we know it would be a partner dance.  We just went with it anyway, and it we pretty funny, since we had to dance with dudes and we were all super uncoordinated and just really bad at dancing.  Well, near the end of the song there's a part where the girl character (me) had to do a twirl and then do one of those backward lean things that are so dramatic.  I decided that it wasn't dramatic enough though so I lept into the twirl and threw myself back, thinking Miroslav, the english student would be able to catch me easily.  Not so.  He tried, but the floor did a much better job.  Needless to say, we both ended up on the floor and then out of commision for the rest of the song.
Alright, so back to transfers.  We found out that I'll be...staying.  However, everyone else in the district is leaving.  I'm the only one staying.  It'll be weird, but change is good.  Also, since we had a missionary branch president and he got transferred unexpectedly, so we don't have a branch president.  We don't quite know what we're doing with that yet, so it'll be an interesting week figuring that out.

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