Monday, March 2, 2015

March 1, 2015

So this week, we had zone conference in Cluj.  That was my first time going to there and it seems like a really fun city.  It's kind of like Timisoara, but more hustly and bustly and more college students.  But I really like it here in Timi, which is why I'm glad I'm staying here for another transfer.  I only have one shot left to go somewhere else now, since I only have one transfer left.  Pretty crazy right?  I still don't really know anything about where I'm flying in or if I even get a choice or anything.  Aparently, those in the group ahead of me also have no idea, so yeah, I guess that's pretty reassuring.  I hope they figure it out or let us know or something.

Well, today we went into the cathedral here for the first time since I've been here and it's incredible.  Apparently it's the tallest cathedral in some region, like Romania or something.  Anyway, it's really tall.  And the inside is completely hollow so it's that much more impressive from the inside.  My companion was wearing his had when we walked in and some lady came up and scolded him for wearing a hat in the church, and then she kept coming back to us to tell us stuff.  Eventually, we got her to take us upstairs, which was really cool.  Then she said that if we came back tomorrow she would take us to the bell tower, which would be super cool so we're definitely going to do that.  After the cathedral today, Elder Cooper decided he wanted to try to catch a pigeon because people do it all the time here and birdman has trained the pigeons to not be afraid of people.  So we thought it would be easy, right?  Well, not so.  It eded up being really tough.  We all thought Elder Cooper was just being too timid, so we all tried to prove that it was easy.  You kinda get stagefright when you're out there though because so many people watch you bend down to try to pick up a pigeon.  I ended up punching a pigeon (on accident!) and after that I gave up.  We ended up not getting a single pigeon, which was sad.  And Elder Coopeer ended up kneeling in pigeon poop.  But we walked away having learned an important lesson: only birdman can catch the pigeons.

We also found a korean restaurant this week, and since it was full of asians, we thought we'd try it out.  We walked in an were greeted by the cook with a cheery "bu-a eewa!"  so we knew we were in for a treat.  The only non-asian there was our waitress, so of course the food was really good.  We were quite pleased with our find.

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