Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Well, my companion got ET'd out of here to Chisinau, so I got a new companion.  The last couple days have been super crazy because of that.  The best story I've got for you this week is that one time we went out to lunch and you can get ice cream cones from mcdonald's for 1 leu each, so we always get them.  Anyway, so we got an extra one on accident and one elder in my district put it on my companion's nose, and so he got angry and put it on that guy's head.  Then that guy took it off his head then shoved it back into my companion's face.  Later, we found out he got cut.  By an ice cream cone.  So remember kids, never shove an ice cream cone in someone's face because you will bleed.
In other news, we did some bloc-stuffing and poster posting and card dishing and taping and all sorts of other things this week to prepare for our upcoming English classes.  Should be good.  Hopefully our efforts will pay off!

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