Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

I've been dying to finally get some snow here, and we totally did!  It basically shut down the entire city, and it made it hard for people to come to the baptism that the sisters had this week (!)  and the recent convert almost missed her confirmation due to the weather.  The baptism was awesome.  It got moved to earlier because the investigator just couldn't wait any longer.  So now we have a new member in our branch here!  Also, we gave a baptismal commitment this week in a lesson and he totally accepted!  So we might even have a baptism here pretty soon!  We're pretty excited about that over here.
The other day we went bloc-knocking and usually when you do that it just ends up being doors slammed in your face and people yelling at you in a language you're pretty sure isn't Romanian or earthly for that matter.  But this one guy we talked to was actually really nice!  He even agreed to meet up with us sometime, which was totally unexpected.  He kept telling us to be quick because he had friends in the other room.  I kind of stumbled through a first approach since it had been so long since I had even gotten that far, but he took a Book of Mormon, accepted a meeting, gave us his number, and we're planning on calling him tonight!  Best bloc knock experience I've ever had.

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