Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March 30, 2015

This week was pretty good.  We visited a less active member with our branch president and he insisted on showing us The Other Side of Heaven, which I think made the branch president kind of uncomfortable for whatever reason.  Eventually we were able to get him to turn it off and we were able to talk a bit.

Another piece of exciting news is that my Austrian trainer came back to Romania with his whole family and I got to see him today which was really cool.

Oh and I guess I'll explain the pictures.  We were in centru the other day and saw this lady fire dancing.  Some of them are leftovers from a while back when I was in Bucuresti.  Also, around this time people start doing their spring cleaning and they just kind of throw their stuff out on the streets in front of their houses so there's a ton of trash all over in the neighborhood the church is in.  It's also just been really pretty here because all the trees are in bloom, which is nice.  There are a ton of pigeons that hang out around centru.  Also, we went into the giant Orthodox cathedral so there are some pretty cool pictures of the stuff inside.  It's HUGE if you can't tell from the pictures.  It kind of reminds me of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, but obviously not that huge.  The orthodox priests sing their church service, and it sounds a lot like the call to prayer at the mosques.  Also, the hollow-domed architecture is very eastern looking, so it's kind of like a merging of the two cultures.  Pretty neat.  Anyway, have a great week guys!

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