Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

So this week, I was able to go up to Ploiesti, my old city, on exchange and it was great.  I got to meet up with one of my old friends from up there and I ran into a ton of members while we were out contacting, so I was stoked about that.  I happened to be wearing a square-bottomed tie that day, and EVERYONE came up and asked me "did you cut your tie?"  "no I didn't cut my tie."  "are you sure?"  "yes, I'm sure."  However, the best comment I got was from a member, who said, "Harris!  You came back!" and after my response, "and you learned Romanian!"  So that basically made my day.  I've actually been putting a lot of effort into learning the language because my companion inspired me with his love of Romanian.  I kind of gave up on learning the language for a while, actually.  I saw some older missionaries who still struggled with the language and I just was like well, I can get by, I might as well just keep it at that.  STUPID!  WHY WOULD I EVER DO THAT??  I'm here in Romania, the coolest country of all time, learning the greatest language ever and I just gave up?  I wish I could go back to past me and just slap him in the face.  I'm incredibly stoked to be here and to be in this crazy culture learning this language that makes no sense but makes so much sense at the same time.  I'm putting a ton of effort into it, because I realized that I have a TON of energy to put into it with my brain not being saturated all the time with engineering and physics and whatnot, so it's just thirsty to get some delicious Romanian.  So that's my thought for the week.  Whatever you're doing, throw your whole self into it.

In other news, our mission president encouraged us to not think of our investigators as investigators, but as friends, because that's what they are, right?  Of course.

Sorry I haven't done two truths and a lie for a while, it just takes so much more chef than the rest of the email.  I'll get back on that next week.

Hope you have a great week!

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